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We are proud to offer Intermediate Beginner program (Chinese classes - group) to you. This course is offered to assist the intermediate beginners rapidly improve their Mandarin Chinese skills. This is an intensive program dedicated to serious learners, Chinese characters will be taught along with further instructions with Pinyin and the tones.

If you conscientiously follow our program and invest the required time, you will be able to rapidly improve your Chinese conversation and writing skills, start to speak fluently! We make you out of the club for beginners in less than two months!.

1. Class schedule?
Saturdays: 9h30pm-12h30pm
--->Starting Sat. Sep. 22nd 2007 (8 weeks)
Register before: Sep. 4th, 2007

2. Where are the Chinese classes held?
Empire State Building Suite 6308-Aspect
350 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10118
All Chinese group classes will be held at Aspect Academies' modern facility on 63rd floor of the famous Empire State Building. You will find our classrooms nicely equipped and a pleasant place to study.

3. Is this right program for me?
It's true that the definition for "intermediate beginner" varies from institution to institution. If you are confident that you are able to use comfortably at least 380 Chinese words and took serious writing classes then you are too advanced for this class; But if you have not been trained with Pinyin, and are not able to read them, then absolute beginner course will be a better fit.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation if you are not sure.

4. What textbook do we use?
We will be using a book named Integrated Chinese - Textbook Level 1 PT. 1. Feel free to check it out in Barnes & Noble bookstore.

5. Who will be my instructor?
Mr. Yao Zhang designed the Mandarin Quick Learn Program(MQL) in 1999. Yao has been working extensively with Fortune 500 company executives and diplomats in providing Chinese language and cultural training services. MQL was previously offered exclusively as corporate training program and it's a proven successful approach. Yao is also presently provides lessons at Columbia University's prestigious School of Business.

6. How about your Chinese classes group size?
To insure best learning results and maximum interaction between students and the instructor, we will not admit more than 8 students in a group. Register today to avoid exclusion. We reserve the right to cancel the group without sufficient sign-ups, we could either invite you to join another Chinese class or offer you a full refund.

7. How much does it cost?
The cost of this intensive Chinese class-training program is only $799 and it includes the cost of registration, tuition and maeterials except the textbook that you need to purchase by yourself at any bookstore.

Please use this web page to sign-up, we will not admit more than 8 students in one group, register today to avoid exclusion!!

(You will be charged $399 upon sign-up online, you are required to pay the rest $400 by check when class starts. All fees are none refundable.)

All major credit cards are accepted through Paypal.

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Yao Mandarin School teams up with Aspect - International Language Academies with 35 years of language teaching experience, to offer you this program.

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