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We are proud to offer our Mandarin Quick LearnTM MQL program (Beginner Chinese classes - group) to you. MQL is a unique Chinese training program developed to assist the absolute beginner learn essential Mandarin Chinese in around 30 hours. MQL will enable you to communicate in authentic real life situations, regardless of whether your purpose is to do business, to travel, or just study out of personal interest.

If you conscientiously follow our program and invest the required time, you will be able to communicate in Chinese within two months!.

1. Is this right program for me?
No matter if your purpose is to do business or personal reasons, if you are an absolute beginner and want to learn Mandarin in a quick and effective way, then this Chinese group class program is for you. If you have learned Chinese before, please contact us before registration so we can evaluate your level to make sure that this is appropriate program for you.

2. What textbook do we use and who will be my instructor?
This Chinese group class features our proprietary textbook Mandarin Quick learn Program . To order this Chinese Textbook online, click here.

Mr. Yao Zhang will be your instructor. Yao designed the Mandarin Quick Learn Program(MQL) in 1999. Yao has been working extensively with Fortune 500 company executives and diplomats in providing Chinese language and cultural training services. MQL was previously offered exclusively as corporate training program and it's a proven successful approach. Yao is also presently providing lessons at Columbia University's prestigious School of Business.

3. How about your Chinese classes group size?
To assure best learning results and maximum interaction between students and the instructor, we will not admit more than 12 students in a group.

4. What if I miss some of the classes?
Each single Chinese class instruction come with a quality audio supporting CD, no additional charge!

5. How much does it cost?
$889 is the total cost of this intensive Chinese class-training program, it's all inclusive (this includes the cost of registration, tuition, textbook & materials!)

6. Where is the class held?
All Chinese classes will be held at our modern facility on 63rd floor of the famous Empire State Building.
Empire State Building Suite 6308-Aspect
350 5th Avenue New York NY 10118

7. What level could I achieve at the end of the MQL program?
You should be functional in simple and most essential daily conversations such as greetings, meeting people, ordering food and drinks in a restaurant, ask you way, shopping, asking for help, hotel reservation etc...

Our students will be asked to give a presentation in Chinese based on the script they wrote. We put here two recordings of the performance from last semester, and hope it will give you an idea...

Matthew Jagoda
Matthew has been taking Mandarin Quick Learn program for about 25hours, starting as an absolute beginner. He was preparing a very special trip to China during the summer of 2006. What is he going to do in China?

Yukari and Michael

story: "A group of tourists is eating in a restaurant after sightseeing, and the friendly waitress is answering questions and offering practical information while serving beer to them"

Andrew and Alan

story: A mysterious Chinese speaking German guest walked into a restaurant and ordered many food, the nice waiter turned angry when the guest refuse to pay for his bill...

A must take course if you are serious about learning Mandarin Chinese.

Nadir Ahmed

I took a Mandarin Chinese class (ten weeks) and right now I can speak conversational Chinese. I am fluent in four languages and from my language learning experience I see Yao Zhang as being one of the most effective and time efficient language instructor. He uses his own proven techniques that teaches you Mandarin as if you were a Chinese kid in the process of understanding the language, he is also very friendly and always ready to assist his students.

Shota Baghaturia
New York State Democratic Party Chair

I felt that the small class size, combined with the 'semi-immersion' approach was very effective. Personally, I have never been a fan of complete immersion courses, as I find that explanations help me learn. Your combination of "listen-learn-repeat", along with the book and exercises made it very easy to quickly grasp the concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I feel confident that it will be a great base for further advanced Mandarin learning.

Melissa Garland
The James Group

Yao's efficient method of teaching quickly familiarizes you with Chinese pronunciation and tones. I was surprised at how fast I learned some very useful words and phrases. For anyone that has the desire to speak chinese and learn Pinyin this is an excellent class.

Eric Withrov
Merrill Lynch

An enjoyable class and a great introduction to the Chinese language. The audio CDs and other materials are well developed. Thanks Yao!

Donna Yee
Real Estate Agent

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we team up with Aspect - International Language Academies with 35 years of language teaching experience, to offer you this program.

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